Fey’s Friday Five: Wordless Sound Poems

I admit it. I love it when authors post playlists that inspire their writing.

Are there single specific playlists for each book written, or are multiple playlists compiled and changed so the soundscape fits whatever scene is being worked on?

Me? I’m still hard at work on my first book, and I use a single, giant playlist. It’s all instrumental too (a few tracks feature samples of spoken word, but the words aren’t at the front of the mix). Personally, I struggle to write when listening to songs where lyrics take center stage. Hearing sung words while crafting my own words is just too many words! Word?

So, while lyrical music sometimes provides inspiration while away from the keyboard, instrumentals like these – these “wordless sound poems,” to quote Friends – remain my go-to sounds when I’m in craft mode. Here, my first Friday Five features songs from my own personal writing playlist. Hope you enjoy!


1. Maxence Cyrin – “Where Is My Mind” (Pixies Cover)


2. Message To Bears – “Daylight Goodbye”


3. Nine Inch Nails – “Ghosts IV, 31”


4. Mogwai – “Kids Will Be Skeletons”


5. M83 – “Moonchild”


…and that’ll do it for now. Do you listen to music when you write/create? Do you prefer instrumentals or songs with lyrics? Have you ever wondered what music inspired your favorite author to write the book you love most? Leave a comment up top!