Editorial Assessment

Don’t want to commit to a full Developmental or Substantial Edit of your manuscript? Then Editorial Assessments might be the fit for you. With Editorial Assessments, you’ll receive broad-strokes insight on your manuscript with guidance on how to move forward with your revisions.

  • A read-through of the entire manuscript, with specific attention to big-picture, structural and developmental components such as plot, character development, voice, etc.
  • A 2-3 page typed, single-spaced editorial summary, which will detail big-picture recommendations for revision.
  • A 30-minute Skype or phone call to discuss the edit letter and address any questions you may have after reading it.

Turnaround time for an assessment is typically 4 weeks.

Developmental Editing

Your first draft is complete. Now comes the fine tuning. A developmental edit will provide you with the focused attention your manuscript needs to help your revision process off on the right foot.

  • A close read of the entire manuscript, focusing on developmental elements (character and plot development, pacing, voice, setting, dialogue, and other elements of craft and story).
  • In-line notes/questions/comments via track changes on the manuscript itself, (typically dealing with consistency, real-time reactions to the prose, and smaller-scale questions and suggestions that come to mind as during reading.
  • A ~6-10 page typed, thorough editorial letter, which will detail editorial findings and recommendations, supplemental reading recommendations, and any questions that came up during editing. This will also include a list of conventional grammatical errors to watch out for in the letter—i.e., perpetual semi-colon misuse, a word or phrase used repetitively, etc., as well as a list of particularly outstanding moments in the manuscript. 
  • An hour-long Skype or phone call to discuss the edit letter and address any questions you may have after reading it, as well as to talk about a revision game plan and next steps ​​

Turnaround time for edit letter delivery is typically 4-5 weeks, depending upon manuscript length.

Copy Editing

Focuses on mechanics such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage. Copyediting is done via track changes.

Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks depending on ms length.

Substantive Editing

This one is the most comprehensive and includes everything included in the developmental edit, followed by a read-through of the client’s subsequent revised draft (revision review), as well as a line edit via track changes.

Turnaround typically takes a minimum of twelve weeks, depending on your writing/revision schedule. Expect at least 4 weeks for a developmental edit, 4 weeks for you to revise (min.), 4 weeks for the revision review and line edit.

Line Editing

Focuses on readability, inconsistencies, cadence, tone, style, and use of language on a sentence-by-sentence level throughout the manuscript. Line Edits are done via track changes.

Turnaround time is 4-5 weeks depending on ms length.

Query Critique

  • Co-development and composition of the query letter.
  • A review and critique of up to ten drafts of the letter, typically in the form of track changes and email correspondence. 
  • Suggestions for comps and supplemental reading.

Turnaround time is 1 week per letter draft.

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