Retainer Services

Revision Guidance

You’ve written your first draft, had it professionally critiqued, and now you’re ready to take all those notes and all that energy and dive back in for a major revision. If you’re feeling hesitant, that’s natural. Revision can, for some, be a daunting process. Never as easy as just moving around a few words and sentences here and there, revision often calls for an in-depth rewrite of full scenes, the creation of new material, and sometimes a thorough restructuring of the story itself.

If you’re anxious that your second draft will end up brimming with the all the same issues as your first, then retaining an editor might be an ideal choice for you and your project. With the Revision Critique, you’ll send an agreed upon number of pages every month as you work on your new draft, and have the ability to reach out with questions or concerns at any step of the way. That means that every month, you’ll receive:

  • A read-through of the agreed upon pages of your revised manuscript, with specific attention to big-picture, structural and developmental components such as plot, character development, voice, etc.
  • A detailed, double-spaced editorial summary, which will detail big-picture recommendations for revision.
  • An optional 30-minute Skype or phone call to discuss the edit letter and address any questions you may have after reading it.
  • An open door via email to reach out with any concerns that arise for you during your revision process with a response typically within 24 hours.

Turnaround time for edit responses each month is typically 5-7 days.

Poetry/Verse Novel Tutoring

Schedule one-off, bi-weekly, or monthly classes in the art of poetry and verse.

  • A one-on-one study, via Zoom, in poetry and verse.
  • Writing assignments designed to build your understanding and skill with varied traditional and experimental forms of poetry to be done between classes.
  • Workshop and revise your own poetry and verse under the guidance of a professional editor.  
  • Receive detailed edit letters of your written work full of notes and insight to refer back to at any time.

Live classes can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length.

*Retainer Services are paid a month in advance and can be cancelled at any time by you, the writer. Fees that have already been collected are non-refundable.